Ramp 120

Build Date 1/22/2011 Client Glenda Location Henrico, VA Builders Mary Lowman Bridget Shaia Frida Clark Sarah Casasnovas Kara Williams Madeline Lebar Rachel Boykin Story Glenda is a diabetic who recently had a portion of her foot amputated.  As a result, she has a difficult time balancing herself and to avoid falls, uses a wheelchair.  She was a little unsure our builders would show up – it was 26 degrees – but the St. Catherine’s students are made of sterner stuff than she realized.  And with just a few thaw breaks (to get feeling back into their fingers), the students did a wonderful job!   Update:   8/2015 Glenda has passed away, but her husband, Richard is now 100% reliant on a wheelchair, so he is grateful to be able to use the ramp!



I was very excited to go on a build, though I didn’t have the slightest idea what one would be like, so I volunteered as soon as Dr. H sent out the email about the first build opportunity. I had no idea how much fun I would have on the build, or how gratifying it would be to see the look of deep appreciation and relief on the faces of the elderly recipients of the ramps. I distinctly remember watching the daughter of one of the elderly women we built a ramp for holding back tears as she watched her mother leave her house under her own power for the first time in months. It was a humbling experience.
“Meeting all of you was so wonderful. Everyone was so happy and seemed just as excited about building the ramp as I was having it built for me…I’ve only had my ramp a few days and it has made getting in and out of my house so much easier. I no longer have to let my son lift me up each step. I can go out and not be worried about how I will get back inside…So, from the bottom of my heart I say, ‘Thank you.'”
I have had a deep connection with RAMPS since the first time I heard of the club and what it does. My Grandmother was stuck in her home for many months before she passed away. Even though she had a wheelchair and could use it very well outside of her house she could not move down the steps in order to get outside of the house.